Timeshare Relief Testimonials

Mayor McArthur


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Dr. Austin M.D. SLC

"I was told by the outfit that misled me into purchasing a time share that I absolutely could NOT get out of my timeshare (and would have to pay exorbitant annual fees forever). I hired Dump your timeshare and within two months I received a letter stating that my contract had been cancelled! I saved thousands by using their service."

Stanford P. Salt Lake City

"If you have had any dealings with trying to get out of a timeshare contract, you know what kind of a world most of the people that do that for a living live in, but I want you to know, Dumptimeshare is a breath of fresh air. Their word is their bond and they will do what they say they will and it will not cost you an arm and a leg like all the others charge. Please give them a try and you will not be disappointed. If for some reason they can't help you get out of your contract they will tell you upfront for free and not string you along. I'm one happy guy."

J. and M Prince St. George, UT.

We have GREATLY appreciated all Wendi and Chris have done for us the past months in resolving our timeshare issues. Their kindness and willingness to go the extra mile sets them apart from so many business people today. You can be sure they are a 10 Star in our ratings for EXCELLENCE!

Karen O.

“Our experience with Dump Timeshare was very positive. The entire staff were professional and accommodating. We would refer people to your services, as we were frustrated with our current timeshare situation. We are relieved to be out of the "timeshare trap" for the rest of our life"

Steven M. R.

We had been looking to dump our timeshare for several years. We had poor experience with other companies and the up-front costs and the high fees they charged. When we talked to Chris, he explained everything clearly and was honest in his assessment of the costs involved. (Which were way less than any other companies!) He took us through everything step by step including the time frame involved. Everything worked just as he said it would and we are now timeshare free and very happy!!

Tom & Becky C SLC

They Dumped our timeshare and delivered on everything they promised and within the guaranteed time period. They are the real deal and very affordable. We appreciated the options they gave us and the fact they stuck with us every step of the way.

Richard M. St. George, UT.

Richard M
"Our experience with Dump Your Timeshare; we found them to be excellent and honest business people. They assisted my wife and I in disposing of our two timeshares that had become a burden to us. It is so nice to no longer worry about annual maintenance fees and other charges related to timeshare ownership."

Susan T.

"DumpTimeshare.com helped guide us through the process, and at no time did we feel any concerns about whether they were legitimate or if they could do what they claimed they do. We have been timeshare free for several months and LOVE the freedom from increasing dues, being frustrated by not being able to go on the vacations we wanted, and of having to force ourselves to vacation at the same place year after year rather than lose the week we had paid for. Thank you so much, DumpTimeshare.com!"

Dee Skater

"I never imagined that the process could actually be so pain free and we would be out of the contract and not have to pass this to the children. Thanks to Dump Your Timeshare we are now truly living the dream!"

Lesa St. George, UT.

Preferred Vacation Club has been wonderful to work with. They quickly helped us out of our timeshare and have been excellent in answering any questions we have had about the process.

Terry P. Salt Lake City, UT.

"We went to Preferred Vacation Club, Inc after seeing an ad in Dixie Direct. We were unsure that they were no different than the timeshare companies themselves. We were wrong. Chris and Wendi did everything that they promised. They were able to quickly enable us to get "Dump our Timeshare". We would recommend this company to anyone."

Stephen V.

"I was just so tired of all the calls from brokers and sales people wanting to “sell my timeshare” even when I had already gone that route and discovered they were mostly scams! The team at Dump Timeshare really did what they advertise, and it seemed to go smoothly and was quite simple-Thanks again for the help, its great to be out of debt.”

Aaron B.

Preferred Vacations showed us what they were going to do, the timeline of the process and were helpful in explaining all of our options. They were quick, responsive and helped us drop our timeshare. I would recommend Chris and Wendi to anyone wanting to get rid of their timeshare anchor.

Allison R.

"I wanted to thank you for following through with the transfer of our Timeshare. I was concerned due the Resort restrictions, in the end you fulfilled your end of the agreement, that it is what really counted"

J. K. Salt Lake City

PVC provided the only positive experience with this timeshare, that is, getting out of it. You were honest on the cost and expectations, made sure we knew who would do what and when. Thank you for the excellent service, If I had done this years ago I could have saved way more money with less grief.

Thomas H.

"They solved our timeshare issues with professionalism and experience. I thought that we would have to spend a ton of money and time to find a legitimate buyer. But Dump Timeshare secured a new owner and transferred deed and all paperwork within 90 days, just as promised. If I had another timeshare, besides kicking myself, I would use the folks at Dump timeshare again. "

S.E. St. George, Ut.

I came to Preferred Vacation Club looking for help to get out of a timeshare. They were very informative and helpful. They make you feel at ease and want to make sure things run smoothly for you. I would recommend them to everyone who would like to make the transition from timeshares. Thanks to them for everything.

Sandy M. St. George, UT

"The team at Dumptimeshare are very professional. They are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality in their business dealings. I highly recommend them and their service."

Stephanie V.

“ I was just so tired of all the calls from brokers and sales people wanting to “sell my timeshare” even when I had already gone that route and discovered they were mostly scams! The team at Dump Timeshare really did what they advertise, and it seemed to go smoothly and was quite simple-Thanks again for the help, its great to be out of debt”

Phillip K.

"In a word "ecstatic"! We are very happy and free of this timeshare debt once and for all. Thank you, and our children thank you.. "