Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation

Our A+ rated Advocacy Group has determined the many misrepresentations and false claims that seem to be a routine part of most resort sales pitches. If you  believe you have been misrepresented, answer the following questions. If you answer 4 questions in the affirmative, you qualify for mortgage cancellation.


Take the first step in discovering how a professional team can help you advance through the legal arbitration process to completely eliminate your mortgage. If you were misrepresented you may be able to STOP paying mortgage payments immediately, and never worry about maintenance fees again for life!

Areas of Common Misrepresentation

  • Have you paid anyone to rent or sell your timeshare?
  • Did your sales “tour” last 3-4 hours?( Did you say NO at any point ?)
  • Were you told it was an investment?(Value would increase over time or sell for a profit ?)
  • Did they say you could easily Rent or Resale your timeshare?
  • Did they give you a false sense of urgency?(Today only price. Have to purchase now)
  • Neglected to tell you of any Exchange Fees?(Cost to use another property or any dues)
  • Was your Closing rushed?(Rushing paperwork not giving you time to read contract)
  • Failed to explain your cancellation period?(Did they verbally say how many days)
  • Tax incentive/deductible?(Given any CPA or Tax advice about your timeshare?)
  • Were you invited to an “owner update” meeting and it turned into a sales pitch?
  • Were there any oral promises made that were not true or benefits not received?
  • Call us for an immediate consultation