Complimentary Timeshare Assessment


Stop Paying Maintenance Fees Forever!!!


How do I know who I can TRUST?

Having survived a timeshare presentation and now owning a product that does not seem to resemble what you were sold in the first place, is enough to cause skepticism. But, then being bombarded with calls, emails and mailers promising to “list” or “sell” your timeshare, only adds to suspicion and a legitimate amount of frustration. Who are these people anyway and how did they get your information?

  • We are NOT those companies. We have never sent a mailer, solicited a call or made an empty promise to list or sell a property. In fact, many people sadly learn, those are key words for scam!
  • We meet people face to face, through the referrals of happy clients, advertising or our A rating with the BBB.
  • We meet with our clients one on one to ASSESS individual circumstance and needs based on their personal timeshares requirements.
  • We have an office, a front door and a direct line for you to call and receive personal attention.
  • We guarantee our service and results.


Do I really have OPTIONS?

Timeshares like you to believe that you do not have options. In fact, if you have called them to see if they will take your timeshare back, they have probably assured you there is no way out! Even though it is true, that you have signed a “deed in perpetuity” and just not paying will result in a lien, foreclosure and damaged credit, you do have other options.

  • We show you that in most cases you have several options to choose from.
  • We have proven that not every situation can or should be handled in the same way. Your timeshare situation is unique to you and your family. Every timeshare has different requirements.
  • We LISTEN, then assess your unique situation before offering solutions. Then, we present the options and you choose what is best for you.


I don’t have TIME!  Then, before you know it fees are due again! (PROCRASTINATION)

Life IS busy, but at what cost?

  • In 1 hour we provide a live assessment of your property on the secondary market and an understanding of the current timeshare trends affecting you personally.
  • We have offices in Salt Lake City, St George and occasionally meet in Ogden to accommodate the location and schedules of our clients. (Webinars for out of state clients)
  • Meeting today can answer all of your questions so that you don’t ever have to pay Maintenance Fees again!