About Dump Your Timeshare

What is "Dump Your Timeshare"?


Chris and I (Wendi) have been educators in the debt reduction and travel industries for the past 11 years. We started Dump Your Timeshare because we recognized a need to teach people how to legally and permanently get out of timeshares.

Before we got started in the business of timeshare relief, we were in the resort travel business, renting timeshares. Over time we started to notice that many of people renting timeshares were timeshare owners themselves. They complained about a couple of things. They were unable to secure reservations at their timeshare but were still stuck paying their maintenance fees and renting was much cheaper! Often, they would say to us, “Please! Just take my timeshare. I will give it to you!” They just wanted to get out of their timeshare.

This wasn’t new to us. In our work with timeshares, we knew firsthand how difficult it could be to “own” a timeshare. Lack of availability, insane maintenance fees that only kept climbing, the list goes on! Heck, oftentimes just renting a timeshare was cheaper than maintenance fees alone! Clearly, this was a problem and we wanted to see if there was a way that we could help.

We decided to investigate timeshare exit companies and see what it would take to help people legally get out of their timeshares. This was a process that took some time, but after flying to Florida finding an exit company there, we felt like we were ready to start helping our local Utahns with the timeshare relief they desperately needed.

A month into our work, we realized that the company that we had been working with was scamming us and the people that we were trying to help! At first, we panicked, but we wanted to make sure that we kept our word. That was when we started Dump Your Timeshare where we now confidently guarantee our service.

We know that the timeshare industry is full of scams and we know that sometimes those scams are hard to identify. We have met with thousands of timeshare owners struggling to pay increasing maintenance fees and looking for relief from the liabilities and frustrations associated with timeshares. Unfortunately, roughly 68% of the clients we meet have been scammed while looking for relief from their timeshares.

“Dump” Your Timeshare, is not necessarily an attractive name for a business, but with the frustration that people expressed while searching for an exit or timeshare relief, we found it hit home with many of the people who approached us. We are always looking for ways to let our fellow Utahns know that they have a “local, trusted, results” oriented company to help with their timeshare questions and concerns. Chris and I would love to meet you and answer your questions concerning your timeshare.