Complimentary Timeshare Assessment

Utah's Leaders in Timeshare Exit Relief

What does Dump Your Timeshare do?

At Dump Your Timeshare, we assess and review your timeshare through our expert and time-tested process to get you out of your timeshare forever. Our team has developed a unique strategy to help timeshare owners get themselves out of the hardships, frustrations, and costs of their timeshare. If you want to get out of your timeshare, we want to help.

As your full timeshare exit service providers, we know the importance of only working with impeccable quality. Our selected partners have the highest reputations in the industry and work carefully to support us through each transaction have the highest reputations in the industry and were chosen for their integrity and expertise. These services include our deed transfer company, our mortgage repeal advocates, and our vacation timeshare rental providers. All of our affiliate member services carry an A rating or higher with the Better Business Bureau.

Providing the best is not just an aspiration of ours, it is a necessity. We have every confidence in our ability to successfully guide you through the process of transferring your deed and dumping your timeshare for good. We know that each gratifying step will build your confidence and trust in finally getting out from under of the unnecessary burdens imposed by timeshare ownership.

You have choices! Timeshare companies may have you feeling as if you are in a financial vice, but this is just not true. Our experience has proven that not everyone should be viewed in the exact same way. Your timeshare situation is unique to you and your family. We listen carefully to you, then assess your unique situation before offering solutions. You can dump your timeshare, and we can help!


Why choose Dump Your Timeshare?

Local Timeshare Experts with a Face-to-Face Experience

Dump Your Timeshare is based out of Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah. We don't hide behind computer screens and automated quotes, we sit down with you face-to-face or over a phone call and work through your specific timeshare situation. Once we have found the right method of timeshare exit, we work with our partners across the country to get you out of your timeshare legally and as soon as possible.

30+ Years of Timeshare Exit Experience

We have all the experience needed to legally and quickly get you out of your timeshare contract and moving on with your life. We know from personal experience the burdens and stress of owning a timeshare and want you to feel the same liberation and sense of freedom that we felt when we dumped our timeshare. We've helped hundreds exit their timeshares, let us help you!

Free Timeshare Assessment Consultations

At Dump Your Timeshare, we believe that no one should charge you for an assessment. When you contact us, we will work with you to schedule a convenient phone call or in-person meeting at our office or location that works for you and your busy schedule. Dump Your Timeshare's timeshare assessment consultation is entirely free and will allow you to review your situation with a consultant who will then audit your contracts and agreements. You are then presented with a thorough analysis of your case to help you make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed with your timeshare exit. If you elect to have Dump Your Timeshare work on your timeshare exit, your file will then be prepared to include any appropriate timeshare documentation for the purpose of your timeshare exit.

Timeshare Exit File Preparation & Management

Once your timeshare exit process begins, we will assign you an Account Coordinator who will work with you every step of the way and become your single point of contact during your entire exit process. With no general 800 phone numbers and endless automated phone systems trying to reach customer service, your Account Coordinator will be ready and available to answer questions you have when you call. Your experienced Account Coordinator will explain step-by-step how the timeshare exit process works and will provide you with status updates from start to finish.

Successful Timeshare Exits

Once you have successfully exited your timeshare, you will not only receive notification from your Account Coordinator, but you will also receive written confirmation of the cancellation for your personal records. Read testimonials from other timeshare owners below about their experience with our services of showing them how to get out of a timeshare. We look forward to helping you dump your timeshare and eliminate the many frustrations that go along with it.